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We specialize in bringing the law to your corner. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.

Meet Manda C. Gwatney

Additional Information

I have been practicing law since 2007, and I love what I do!  

I am from the Kingtown community of McCaysville, which is a part of Fannin County, Georgia.  With the exception of the years away to attend school in Dahlonega, as well as later in Athens, Georgia, I have lived in Fannin County my entire life.  I attended Fannin County Schools from elementary through high school, and I graduated from Fannin County High School in 1992.    

After high school, I attended North Georgia College and completed my Bachelor of Arts (English) in 1995.  My first career path -- teaching English -- was inspired by my love of reading and language, as well exceptional language arts teachers.  Combining my love of language with the enjoyment I receive by helping others, teaching was a great career for me.    

I taught for over seven years at Union County High School, Blairsville, Georgia.  During that time, my interests expanded to include media, technology, and leadership.  To build my professional skill set, I completed the Master of Education (Instructional Technology) in 1998 and the Specialist in Education(Instructional Technology with Educational Leadership) in 2000 -- Both from The University of Georgia, Athens.     

Shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2002, I chose to leave teaching to focus on my family.  It was during that time I also chose to pursue my interest in law.  Inspired by my husband, who had just completed his doctoral research in education-related law in 2003, I began the law school admission process.  In 2004, I entered the Georgia State University College of Law on scholarship, which was retained throughout degree completion.  While a law student, I simultaneously completed additional training to become a professional mediator.      

After graduating Georgia State University College of Law with a Juris Doctor in 2007, I immediately completed Georgia Bar requirements and was sworn in as an attorney, thus beginning my new career.  Also in 2007, I opened my practice, The Law Office of Manda C. Gwatney, and I have been a solo practitioner since.    

I love my new career path, practicing law, and helping others.  To continue my professional growth, I have completed additional studies in alternative dispute resolution, including juvenile and special education, as well as training to become an arbitrator.   

Thank you for your interest, and please contact me if you would like additional information.

Manda at the Georgia State Capitol

Manda at the Georgia State Capitol

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